Bobby Petite: Working on it

by Jillian Johnsen

Bobby Petite is a local Bellingham band made up of Bella Cole-Preciado on drums, Ryan Barney on guitar, and Olivia Moseley on bass and vocals. Having formed only last year, the band is definitely doing a great job of making a name for themselves, playing numerous shows in Bellingham to all sorts of listeners. The name is no random assortment of letters. According to the band, “It’s an acronym for Bella Oli and Barney. Barney came up with the petite part and it stuck!”

The ways they create their music have become far more varied since starting the band. The first seed for a song can really come from any of them; when they first formed they usually started by listening to guitar licks Barney presented. Now, they’ll sometimes begin with “A bass part and lyrics to expand on” from Olivia or build off of a drum beat that Bella shows the band.

All of them have a long history with playing music. Bella played cello in her grade school orchestra and has also taken piano lessons. Ryan (who goes by Barney) took drum lessons in elementary school and also played percussion in his school concert band in 5th grade, drums for jazz band, and a snare in marching band. He took bass lessons and watched YouTube videos as well, which is how he became comfortable playing guitar. Olivia has been singing her whole life, and has “tried to dabble with other instruments as well.” She says she’s only just started learning to play bass since the band formed, which is impressive and shows that she’s a quick learner.

The band describes themselves as a “Bluesy-punk jam band” and seeing as they take inspiration from the bands Cherry Glazerr, the White Stripes, and Stevie Ray Vaughn, it’s easy to see how their sound developed.

In the future, Bobby Petite hopes to “collaborate and welcome other artists to the stage when we perform at shows.” The band shows a real desire to grow and harbor a real connection with their listeners as well, saying, “We feel that expanding Bobby Petite’s live performers and breaking down the barrier between audience and stage can be done by making the stage a platform for not just the three of us but for everyone in the room. Afterall, music is a universal language.”

Apart from the live show aspect, they also hope to release their first single and/or EP, and do more shows outside of Bellingham so they can “learn more” about different music scenes.

When asked their favorite thing about being in a band and performing live, each member had their own take.

“Communicating with each other through the medium of music is absolutely rejuvenating,” Olivia said. “It’s so amazing to be comfortable with your bandmates and release everything then and there.”

Bella noted, “Bouncing creative energy off of my bandmates, as well as, creating music we’re proud of and want to share with others. I love being able to connect through something so universal but something that all three of us bring our own individuality and originality to.”

Barney shared. “Putting all your energy into your own part and collaborating with your bandmates. Having this ability to put all your energy into one part helps hone in your aspects of songwriting, as opposed to writing music on your own and struggling to put equal amounts of energy into all parts.”

As a whole, Bobby Petite is made up of three very talented musicians who are passionate about what they do and are ready to work hard to establish a place for themselves in the music world and play music for the people who need to hear it, who need that connection.

“If you like butter and jam on your toast then you’ll love Barneys sweet jammy riffs mixed with Oli’s buttery voice and spread across Bella’s crunchy beats,” the band shared.

Check them out at the Firefly Lounge on Feb. 15 and March 1. Follow them on Instagram at @bobbypetite, and Facebook, Songkick, Bandcamp, and Bandsintown at Bobby Petite.