Silverstein, Castan, As Cities Burn, Hawthorne Heights at the Showbox Market on January 27

Silverstein’s headlining show at the Showbox Market on January 27, transported myself and the audience back to their infancy as a band with the 15th anniversary celebration of their first album When Broken is Easily Fixed.
Support for the show included Capstan, As Cities Burn and Hawthorne Heights. Needless to say, my vocal chords were fried and I think most of the crowd felt the same by the end of the evening.
Watching this show not only was entertaining and enjoyable but it also served as a retrospective of how post-hardcore music has evolved over the early beginnings of the genre.
From enormous amounts of positive sentiments from the bands to the enthusiastic responses from the crowd, it truly felt like the show was not only trying to give people a great show but build a community that promotes support and love.
Performances across the board sounded great. I always love seeing tours toward the end of their run. Bands usually are seasoned and have a great grasp of their sets by that point and for this show, it showed.
I greatly appreciate the time that each band took to speak to the crowd. While it usually feels like bands fill dead space between songs when they speak, it did not feel this way at this show.  Whether it was Hawthorne Heights taking time to speak on mental health and caring for those around them to Silverstein expressing their appreciation and love for their fans, it all felt authentic and personal.
Even though their tour has come to a close, I cannot express enough how important each of these bands are and how their music still impacts people today.


-Tommy Calderon


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