Le Beat: June 2019

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Hello there my friends, how are you all doing these days?

In the case you missed last month’s le beat, What’s Up! will live on. THIS IS NOT OUR LAST ISSUE! We will transition to a non-profit over the next year.

Thankfully, it’s still a little too much fun to give up. I’m a local music fan and there’s no real way around it. Case in point, Thomas from Hello I’m Sorry reached out about his ex-Chimney bandmate, Dain Weisner, who was releasing a new album, so I gave it a listen. So good. SO VERY GOOD. A couple weeks later, the Blood Capsules released the single “Breezy” and it’s a ridiculously fun pop song. Totally caught me off guard how well thought out it is (they let me listen to the rest of the album and it’s very well done). Then just before we go to press, Hello, I’m Sorry releases a single! LOVE IT! Few things make me as happy as good local music, and I get to hear a lot of it! Not just good music for a small town, but music people anywhere would be happy to hear.

My passion aside, though, What’s Up! doesn’t survive on love, it takes money to publish this paper and, as is the case with a lot of small papers, money is in short supply these days. So, for What’s Up! to continue and transition into a non-profit, we’ll need your support. Please donate during upcoming fundraisers and please advertise in What’s Up! The mag’s readership is plenty and strong – peoples’ eyes are still on the paper, still reading about bands, still reading ads. If you own a business or are in a band, please consider us for advertising. We’re gonna keep rocking and rolling here as we can. Thanks for picking up the paper and giving it a good read. We appreciate it.

Special thanks to the people who work on this magazine. I work with some wonderful writers and photographers, and I just love them.

Also moving forward, let’s all commit to just ONE more show a month! Several owners of local establishments are struggling too, and if you want a thriving music scene we all must help support it! If everyone who reads this commits to just one more show a month, you’ll be helping out owners and bands!


As I mentioned earlier, lots of great music coming out. SO MANY BANDS ARE RELEASING MUSIC! You are gonna love the new Blood Capsules, it’s shockingly good, as is the new Dain Weisner record of beautiful acoustic music. Plus Hello, I’m Sorry continues to be one of my very favorite local bands. Please check out all three projects this month.

Also coming out next month is the new Meg Yates. I have it on very good authority that this record is bonkers beautiful, titled The Other Side, and her best release yet. My gentle ears haven’t heard it yet, but I’m really looking forward to it.

The Sky Colony is also releasing new music! On Aug, 30, All of Us will be seeing the light of day and it should be a real treat. This band worked hard recording the album – an already really good band spending this much time on a record usually means good things. Hopefully this means there will be LOTS of shows to support the record.

Capture Infinity continues to get weird with sound. Keep a watch out because I think Nathan is releasing new music every few weeks.

Hooves and Beak are about to release a new record, which is also very exciting. Another ridiculously talented and beautiful sounding band I’m happy resides here.

Rose’s Thorn are releasing music on June 15 at The Shakedown with my fav band LipStitch, and Organized Grime, some newbies on the music scene.

Charlie McCoy and Aaron Ball’s new project, Clean Clocks, is heading into the studio this month and there will be a bunch of guests on the record. I’ve heard rough demos, and well it’s Charlie and Aaron, so you know it’s good.

Oh hey, look, more music is being released this month! WMD, who magically (or because he’s incredibly talented) keeps putting out great music, is having another release on June 7. If you like electronic music, or, ya know, music, check it out.

The Sheen are releasing a new EP! I’ve gushed about how much I love The Sheen before and I’ll do it again. This band is really weird and amazing. They played some of the material off the new EP at the mag’s birthday party celebration and it was just slightly more cohesive which made it shockingly good. There’s a line in improv or avant gard music that if you can get there, serious awesome happens.

Your favorite dad band, Saganist, have also released new music. My dad used to listen to Neil Diamond (70s version), I’m not sure he’d dig Saganist… it’s brutal, punishing rock and roll with Andy Beer’s scream vocals piercing through. I wish this band was more of a full time thing, they’re so fantastic.

Sun Professor, who I just learned about, released a new album. I caught just a snippet and it’s pretty cool and nicely intense. I’ll be listening to more of the album over the next few days, you should as well.

Anacortes’ John Van Deusen has released some new music. I remember back when John was just a young lad having won Sound Off and putting out music with The Lonely Forest. Now an adult and making music that sounds it, though it’s not soft and happy. So good.


Alex Ashley was on the other side of the world (mostly) for a few weeks with a tour of the UK (nearest I can tell from Facebook). He’s back in the PNW and playing shows again, but I’m pretty stoked he played places like Scotland. I always talk about touring – it’s vital to growth as a musician. To tour a different country, though, is epic.

Speaking of touring, Jake Barrow (aka Vervex) looks like he’s having A LOT of fun right now. As of the day I’m writing this, he had just eaten way too much jambalaya after a great Baton Rouge show and booked a date in Florida for later in the week. Looks like he’s playing Vermont (oh how we love Vermont) in the middle of June. When will Jake come back? I DON’T KNOW! Will I hug him when he comes back? Yes. His record, On Moon Island, is soooooooo good. You should give it a listen.


I Love You Avalanche has gone from a two piece of Anna Arvin and Nora Hughes, to now a quartet with Beau (Federation X/Dryland) on drums and Kirsten Stanovich on bass. YESSSSSS!

Autumn Marceau has apparently joined Cat Valley. Their first show with Autumn was at BAMF (Bellingham Arts & Music Festival) but instead of going to BAMF, I worked on the mag… which made me sad.

Kim Jong Illin have been laying VERY low and the band is calling it a day. Guitarist Mikey is moving back to San Diego just as they’ve found a good practice spot. So, they’ve recorded what they could and the remaining members will trying to get a new project rolling.

By the time you read this, BAMF will be over. I couldn’t be more impressed with the BAMF crew and the line up… I’m so disappointed I couldn’t make it out this year. You all are great, thanks for making this town badass.

Before we go and leave you for the month, I want to say a quick word about Double Major (Michael Hansen did the honors of a review in the mag, as I covered it for the Western Alumni magazine, WWU Windows). What an amazing, amazing show! I loved seeing LipStitch on a big stage, seeing Death Cab again after 20 years was incredible… last time I saw them was at the 3B Tavern. ODESZA… WOW, WOW, WOW! There was so much love for Bellingham it sent shivers down my spine – the bands and the music fans – there was so much pride and love for Bellingham and its music scene. I’m pretty giddy that I’ve been able to be part of it, and having a place in that history.

Enjoy June, and see you next month.

-Brent Cole