Good bye

After 22 years of celebrating local music in print it’s time for What’s Up! Magazine to say goodbye. The magazine has had an incredible run and I’m so grateful for all the times and memories. Unfortunately, being a community paper, things were looking very iffy for us already, then COVID arrived and stopped publication. Our 22nd anniversary issue in March was our final publication. At this point, it’s time to call it good and move in a different direction.
I appreciate you all so much. Since 1998! It’s overwhelming just thinking back on it. There are more people to thank than I can even begin to wrap my head around, and we couldn’t have done this without you.
Thank you to all BANDS over the years – sharing, inspiring, and making music in this community.
Thank you to all venues that provide space for bands and fans, booking shows, promoting and sharing music.
Thank you to all advertisers who have supported the magazine and kept it going all these years.
Thank you to all writers for their words, photographers for their images and artists for their covers.
Thank you to all who helped with deliveries, editing, and help when the mag needed it.
Thank you to all readers who picked up the paper each month, and the fans who enjoy and support the music.
Thank you to my family, especially my wife and co-owner, Becca, who worked hard behind the scenes.
Growing up, I desperately wanted to be part of a vibrant local music scene and I’m so thankful I got to live out that dream here in Bellingham for 22 years! As for what is next, I have my Cole Painting company (if anyone needs some interior work this fall/winter or outside next spring/summer you know where to find me!) and I’m still working on the rest.
We will throw a retirement party when we’re allowed to and enjoy local music with you all one last time!
Soooo, I guess that’s about it! I thank for you these 22 years. It’s been fun!
Keep supporting local music.
Hugs and kisses,